22nd June 2022

McIntosh has just launched the LB200, a new version of their popular Light Box

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McIntosh has just launched the LB200, a new version of their popular Light Box

McIntosh is thrilled to announce the new LB200 Light Box to enhance the appearance of your stereo system. It features a generously sized, built-in storage compartment where less than appealing-looking components can be discretely stored.

Accessing the storage compartment/area of the LB200 is accessible by simply removing the back panel or entire top cover.

The LB200 is compact, similar to the size of a McIntosh CD player, and designed to fit within any standard audio/ video rack, placed on furniture, or stacked on top of other McIntosh gear for flexibility in placement and use.

Multiple ventilation slots on the LB200 chassis allow for any heat generated by devices placed inside to dissipate.

An IR receiver kit is neatly installed within the storage compartment to allow for control and operation of devices placed inside the LB200; further, an extra wide IR sensor window on the front panel receives remote commands and relays information to the stored device(s).

A Power Control input and output allow the LB200 to power up with other McIntosh components. LB200 also has a power switch for those who do not need or use Power Control.

The front of the LB200 identifies the unit as a true McIntosh, prominently displaying the iconic McIntosh logo and the "Handcrafted In The USA Since 1949" statement, making it a perfect match for any McIntosh system.

Even if the storage compartment is not required, the LB200 front panel alone can make it a worthy addition to your system.

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